The Prince II exam is changing…

Prince II the project management standard prevalent in the UK is changing. The new exam will not focus on the tedious three hour exam that you have to sit through (I had to do it and it was not enjoyable). Even though this exam is an open book exam, it’s still fraught as the answers can be subjective and generally you do not have enough time to prepare your answer.

Read my PrinceII tiddlywiki information with all matters relating to PrinceII. This is a downloadable and editable wiki that can run on your own PC for PrinceII information at your fingertips! I have also created a PrinceII product process matrix that helps to understand what documents are required and which process in PrinceII creates and maintains them.

This video helps to explain both the current weaknesses in the exam system for PrinceII plus the reasoning behind the new exam structure.