Making Websites Mobile Friendly

Making Websites Mobile Friendly Making website more mobile friendly - Google article on how to make your website more friendly for those people browsing using a mobile phone. This article from Google looks at both SmartPhones and traditional mobile phones (using WAP, etc.). It then talks about how Googlebot-Mobile trawls your website and the user-agent … Continue reading Making Websites Mobile Friendly

New Google search options

More Compact Google Search Options Google used to group the options from┬áthe search sidebar so you can quickly find the filters related to location, visited pages and the different ways to present search results. All these groups have been merged and Google only kept the group that lets you restrict the results to recent web … Continue reading New Google search options

Tips for Google Wave

If you want to see what's happening on Google Wave type: with:public in the Search area. If you want to see what's happening on Google Wave specific to a topic type: with:public cameras in the Search area (that's wave's about cameras in the this instance). Plus the following may help: Read Gina Trapanis online book … Continue reading Tips for Google Wave