About me

Jonathan Camp PhotoHi, I’m interested in most things related to the web; symantic, ajax, web development, mobile, etc. I’m also starting to create video tutorials so watch this space.

I tend to blog on anything that interests me; ranging from motorbikes to programming to video and photography. If you hunt around the categories, you may be lucky and find something that interests you – I don’t intend to write stuff that interests others, but things that interest me – and perhaps a sort of dumping ground for problems I’ve had and found solutions for…

My business – microupdate.co.uk  is a company that specialises in web design, SEO, mobile applications and social networking. I love the concept of Blogs so tend to post more stuff here as it’s easier!

I regularly publish photos on Flickr and  YouTube. I’m a member of  LinkedIn, facebook, twitter plus the usual million other social networking sites.

I’ve also started to look at some new technologies such as the Semantic Web  plus geotagging. These are key technologies that I feel will be very important in the near future – who can tell? This blog is an eclectic mix of postings, and it’s supposed to be that way. It reflects the way I think and the ideas I have at the time.

The web gives us interesting times, certainly there is a lot of time wasted and spent surfing looking for ‘stuff’ – sometimes we get lucky and actually find content from the originators; I like to be an originator if I can.

You can always contact me at nampara17 (at) gmail.com or use the form below.