Get RSS feeds from Google Search Results

Get RSS feeds from Google Alertsa

Google search results are great, but you don't always want to read them on the google search results page. It would be nice to able to get an RSS feed from your favourite searches, perhaps emailed to you on a daily basis or perhaps used as a feed in your website.

A Twitter Based Alert System

A Twitter Based Alert System We were in need of an alert system for our system in order to notify relevant parties of any errors which would occur in our production servers. There was already an email alert system in place but hey you have to admit no one is going to be checking emails… Continue reading A Twitter Based Alert System

jQuery and AddToAny social media generator

5 Steps Toward jQuery Mastery | Encosia Five quick tips that I found valuable while learning jQuery in depth. I learned them the hard way so you don't have to! Really good post outlining using jquery with: Using Firebug to experiment interactively Caching selector results Explains about the best times to use jQuery (e.g. NOT… Continue reading jQuery and AddToAny social media generator

Wordle – Create your own word cloud

Wordle the word cloud creator FREE Just playing around with Wordle. It's pretty cool and creates a great word cloud from many sources - including your own web site! This is the result of my blog as of today: You can either paste in a load of words, a url (e.g. blog site, etc.) or… Continue reading Wordle – Create your own word cloud