jQuery and AddToAny social media generator

  • Five quick tips that I found valuable while learning jQuery in depth. I learned them the hard way so you don’t have to! Really good post outlining using jquery with:
  1. Using Firebug to experiment interactively
  2. Caching selector results
  3. Explains about the best times to use jQuery (e.g. NOT all the time!)
  4. Advanced selectors, filters and traversals

addtoany social media generator

  • Help your visitors share & bookmark your pages and subscribe to your feeds using any service. System to interactively create a bookmarking widget that allows your users to subscribe to all the popular social networking systems. Easy to use and can generate in multiple languages.

    Addtoany has a comprehensive API that allows you to get and set key parameters. The API page has plenty of good examples of how to use. The button can be small and unobtrusive. This system can be used with Feedburner, and the service is absolutely FREE

Cache selector results