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Tips for Google Wave

The Google Wave logo
Google Wave

If you want to see what’s happening on Google Wave type:


in the Search area.

If you want to see what’s happening on Google Wave specific to a topic type:

with:public cameras

in the Search area (that’s wave’s about cameras in the this instance).

Plus the following may help:

  1. Read Gina Trapanis online book / help “The complete guide to Google Wave
  2. Double click and go into EDIT mode and format your replies to stand out
  3. Add an attachment to the WAVE – click the paperclick when in EDIT mode (If you have GEARS installed you can even add a file from your local drive)
  4. Select the text and add a LINK to the entry
  5. Add an IMAGE or VIDEO by clicking the G+ Icon and Search
  6. Add some built in GADGETS to to your Wave (Yes/no/maybe or the MAP gadget)
  7. COPY a blip to a NEW Wave to create a NEW Wave (Click the timestamp – select Copy to New Wave)
  8. Make a WAVE public by adding to the contacts (Big + on the Wave)
  9. Search for WAVES using: “with:public:<search term>” (<search term> is what you’re looking for!)
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