Kaltura – Open Source Video Platform

Kaltura - Open Source Video Platform Easily add full video capabilities to any site at little or no cost Kaltura offers a wide range of unique online video management solutions:* Self-Serve Packages – free downloadable video packages, online video player & video editor for wikis, blogs and leading web platforms * Business Solutions – advanced,… Continue reading Kaltura – Open Source Video Platform

The Prince II exam is changing…

Prince II the project management standard prevalent in the UK is changing. The new exam will not focus on the tedious three hour exam that you have to sit through (I had to do it and it was not enjoyable). Even though this exam is an open book exam, it's still fraught as the answers… Continue reading The Prince II exam is changing…

SSMM – Slide Show Movie Maker

This software will create a full AVI slideshow (up to 2Gb in size) with sound/music, etc. The ssmm slideshow movie maker software has plenty of clever effects and is totally free. There are plenty of fade effects and overlays; there's even a full online video tutorial (which does not have any sound"This will easily create… Continue reading SSMM – Slide Show Movie Maker

The Machine is Us/ing Us – What is this Web2.0 thing?

I've been looking at the finished web2.0 video on YouTube titled: "Web 2.0 in just under 5 minutes". This title caught my eye, and I was not disappointed when I saw the video. Very neat and hits home very quickly what web2.0 and social engineering and interaction is all about. It has some really good… Continue reading The Machine is Us/ing Us – What is this Web2.0 thing?