Skiing in Selva (Val Gardena) Feb 2011

I recently had a wonderful holiday with friends in Selva (Val Gardena) and logged all our ski routes via my Garmin 400t GPS device (this thing is wonderful). I use the great site called GPSVISUALIZER.COM to plot the output from the Garmin to maps. Here’s the skiing day by day for the trip.

GPSVisualizer allows you to link to a GPX file (created from the tracking within the Garmin GPS) and render the track on one of many maps, including Google ariel view. The views shown here show the ‘summer’ view (e.g. without all the lovely snow!) which makes them even more interesting as you can see where we skied through the trees, etc.

When you click on the links below PLEASE be patient – it takes about 10 or 15 seconds before the proper map displays. The Google map rendering is the best one to look at.

Daily skiing tracks and routes:

Daily logs from the Garmin GPS showing max speed and distance:















I have also uploaded the photos (btw taken from my iPhone 4 camera) to my Flickr site – you can also see them here.

Flickr photo’s are here

Verbier Skiing holiday 2006

As usual the skiing holiday was great. Verbier in Switzerland; good snow, company and skiing made it a extreme holiday. We managed probably 80% off-piste and by the end of the week I was actually getting the hang of it!

Snow would have been a bit better if we had had a fresh dump, but what was there was excellent. The two black mogal field runs were pretty scary, especially the approach (very narrow footpath with severe drop off), but once on the runs it was not too bad – certainly a test of the legs! I would recommend Verbier to anyone who likes skiing.

Hotel was the Hotel De Verbier, which was brilliant, especially the afternoon tea; which was most welcome after a hard days skiing! Read more on