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So I’m getting into podcasting. Having listened to several podcasts around the software development arena; I’m now hooked on the concept and in this case the reality. The podcasts give me the opportunity to listen while I work. For years people have been downloading PDF’s with pages and pages of information. They think that they may have the time to actually sit in front of their PC and read them; or they print them and think that they will read them some other time – both turn out to be wrong! When do you have the time to sit in front of your PC and read PDF’s? – Never!

The beauty of the podcast is that you can listen to interviews, information plus loads more while you travel to work or tap on your computer or whatever else you find your doing. They are educational and keep you up to date with the latest information.

I’ve been listening to the IT Conversations podcasts; they are really good for techy people. They cover in depth interviews and discussions covering the future of the internet and programming, plus many other topics. IT Conversations cover podcasts by conversation and topics of interest, including; Audio, Business, The law, Microsoft, OpenSource (especially interesting to hear the latest trends in opensource), Web services and many more…

One good one to listen to is from Larry Augustine talking about major applications that are now available using opensource; the Sugar CRM software is hugely popular and as good as commercial products that costs £1000’s.

Larry Augustine, CEO, Medsphere — The Next Wave of Open Source: Applications The next wave of open source developers are looking for the next big challenge and have found it Enterprise-level software, including CRM, ERP and PBX. Despite the naysayers, open source developers have shown that no market is free of their influence. Larry Augustine, CEO of Medsphere Systems points to 4 examples where open source is competing directly with traditional enterprise software companies. [Open Source Business Conference audio from IT Conversations]

All the conversations are categorised and easy to find. If you using the latest version of iTunes (4.9) you can download the podcasts directly into itunes and put it on your ipod or other mp3 player in no time. iTunes now handles all podcasting, although it’s quite basic, it does the job and means you don’t have to use third party software like ipodder with its wonderful directory.

With IT Conversations you can also use their smartbrowse feature if you register. Registering is free and does not bombard you with 100’s of emails, but it does allow you select which podcasts you want to listen to and exclude those that you have already listened to. Doug Kaye is a brilliant interviewer and seems to chat at ease with the guests. Recent podcasts include; an interview with Steve Wozniak, co founder of Apple Computer; Tim O’Reilly, Founder & President, O’Reilly & Associates; an interesting discussion about software engineering; professional blogging (how to get paid for blogging); a discussion about audioblog.com, which is a service that allows you to record your own sound clips for your blog; plus loads more.

Check out IT Conversations, you won’t be disappointed.

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