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This article is a part of the iTunes tips entry. Apple’s chapter system adds an entire new dimension to podcasts. For the first time, true podcast ecommerce, or pCommerce for short, is possible. Chapters add the ability to embed links and graphics displayed in sync with the podcast. Now podcasters can discuss a product or website, place a graphic representation for it on the screen and simultaneously provide a hyperlink that, when clicked, would give the podcaster credit for that clickthrough and tie in to existing e-commerce systems. Additionally all new types of podcasts are now possible: Artwork podcasts that actually show the artwork they are discussing, story-based podcasts that use the chapter art as illustrations, and more.

This page then, is both a tutorial and an informational page about the Apple Podcast ChapterTool utility and Podcast Chapters in general and is designed to help promote the use of this tool in order to encourage more podcasts to use it. The tutorial section will show you how to add chapters, chapter images and chapter links to your podcasts. It is relatively technical, so hopefully a completely automated solution will come out soon. A helpful utility has already been released that helps automate the process somewhat. “