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Google Analytics – move to v4 NOW!

Make the move to Google Analytics v4 now to make sure you get a good history of your websites data. In 2023 the old analytics will be going so update your google analytics now.

The earlier you move the better! You can start collecting the new Analytics data now.


Using the step by step guide to moving

Once a Google Analytics 4 property is created and connected, the Setup Assistant can automate some required setup steps and help you track your progress. For example, the Setup Assistant lets you select the goals you want to import to Google Analytics 4, copy desired Google Ads links and audiences, and add users who have access to your current property.

The best Google Analytics 4 setup comes from following the steps above to create a customized property tailored to your needs. The earlier you do this, the more historical data and insights you will have in Google Analytics 4. For example, SunCorp, one of Australia’s largest financial services brands, prioritized setting up Google Analytics 4 to build a base of historical insights.

Step by step guide to moving Analytics

Turn insights into ROI with Google Analytics

Google Analytics will be going away and moving to v4

Check which type of analytics property you are using

Export historial reports from the old Analytics

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