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Here are some links I use almost daily to track and get interesting marketing information for the web.

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Free analytics tools review

Website Analytics & Traffic Measurement Tools: SEO

Free Analytics Tools 

These tend to be limited in feature set and give themselves sitewide links on your site, or require you to trust giving a major search engine like Google virtually all your marketing data.

* Google Analytics – powerful full featured analytics tool. Even allows you to track your ROI by keyword for each AdWords ad position. Google AdWords also has internal split testing and conversion tracking software.
* Google Website Optimizer – allows you to A/B split test landing pages and track how well Google AdWords traffic converts.
* Microsoft adCenter Analytics – not publicly launched yet, but accepting invite requests.
* Piwik – open source web analytics program
* Site Meter – starts off as free, but charges for advanced features
* Stat Counter – starts off as free, but charges for advanced features and bandwith usage.
* Webalizer – default log analyzer on many servers.
* Analog – default log analyzer on many servers.
* Awstats – another popular default log analyzer on many servers.

Get yourself into the search engines – FREE xml-sitemap generator is an interesting web site, it not only has cheap software to let you create unlimited sitemaps for the search engines, but it also has a free online version that will index up to 500 pages. The xml-sitemap online software will take care of all the xml formatting required by Google and Yahoo to make sure that you can create a properly formatted sitemap. Your generated sitemap can instantly be uploaded to your web site – usually via FTP.

Once you have created the sitemap and placed it onto your web site pop over to Google webmaster tools and submit your sitemap so that it can be indexed by Google. xml-sitemaps can generate xml, text files and html files for your sitemaps, the commercial package costs $14.99 and runs locally on your PC, it requires the opensource PHP package installed (simple installation). This sofware apparently supports indexing over 50,000 url’s, plus takes into accounts robots.txt exclusions and many other key site generation features.

On the site there are some useful tools; the search engine bot simulator is especially interesting as it shows you what is being indexed on your web pages as a search engine. The results can be very interesting. I have used this tool along with the online search engine meta tag tool to check how well my web pages are formed. This tool looks at the anchor tags (text links) on your web pages as well as the keywords to build a percentage of keywords on your web page. This can be interesting if you are looking at ‘how’ you write your web pages – especially if you are looking at getting better ratings within the search engines.

Web 2.0

This is a world of blogs<>, wikis<>, tags<>, tag clouds<> and rss feeds<>.

The ability of users toassign free terms to pieces of information as illustrated in webservices such as the photosharing site Flickr <>,the bookmarking site <> or the news siteDigg <>. Specifically, he described ‘ambientfindability’, the nexus of search, wayfinding, marketing, informationinteraction, literacy, librarianship, authority and culture.
This entry linked to Wikispaces page (interesting web 2.0 stuff)