Get more out of Trello – use the Custom Fields Power-Up

When you’re creating cards in Trello you want to restrict people to a list of things that they can select from. With custom Fields you can add a drop down menu with a list of the regions or countries or sales reps or anything that you want them to select from.

The Custom Fields Trello Power Up (link)

This can be useful for lots of things. The custom Fields once the field in can be exported in JSON and CSV formats. I’ve personally found the custom Fields useful for time management and project management.

For each card I create with a task I then allocate a date and a time it was completed and also how long it took to complete it. You can also add a checkbox to say that the card has been completed.

You can and export this information and use it as some form of time management for invoicing purposes. The first thing you have to do is to enable the power up for custom Fields. Once these are enabled you can create your custom fields and they can be added to the cards

Note: if you move the cards to another Trello project you will find that you will need to make sure that your custom Fields are enabled on the new project as well.

Custom field data is included in both JSON and for CSV export but note that the business class users can export CSV as standard users cannot.
So what are the limitations of custom Fields? Boards can have up to 50 custom fields to find. Any number of cards on the board can have values set for each field.

This is one power up that is useful for Trello and well worth installing.

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