Aprilia, RSV Factory

My dream – come true

This is my Aprilia, and it’s wonderful! Always had Japanese bikes before (Mostly Kawasaki), so thought I would have a change, an Italian beauty. It’s a 1000cc V-Twin and pulls fantastically from extremely low revs, and corners superbly. I can see why it did so well. It can be a bit of a pig around town at low revs, the engine either wants to either GO or STOP and not much imbetween; that is until you get onto the country roads, and then it glides like a dream.

This comes from the Aprilia site that is kind of bias I guess 😉

The impossible? Aprilia has done it! Aprilia has broken through the furthest frontiers of technology and performance to set previously inconceivable standards with this uniquely sensational motorcycle. Surpassing yourself is what the Aprilia racing spirit is all about, and exactly what Aprilia’s top supersports, the RSV 1000, was conceived to do. The RSV 1000’s design is being constantly refined technically and stylistically by ideas from Aprilia’s world championship team and the dedicated racing division. The RSV 1000 is already a dream come true for thousands of passionate riders, a machine with all the smoothness and pulsating power needed to guarantee success on the world’s circuits and roads.

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