Trip to the Nurburgring…

Some friends and me are thinking of making a trip to the Nurburgring in Germany. We’ve all got Porsches (theirs are Boxters but can’t be picky…). Sounds like a drive of around 650 miles from Devon via the Tunnel. The real issue may be the insurance costs, and the results that could happen if we don’t drive too carefully! Continue reading

The Booze Cruise….

Len, John, Martin and myself all set off at 11pm for the overnight ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff in France. The weather was fine although they had forecast a high tide due to the Equinox. Martin took what we grew to know as the ‘packhorse’ (VW Passat Estate); there was going to be some heafty haulage going on. John R took his Porsche Boxster so we wern’t going to get a lot in there, but for John and I it was a good pose!

The crossing as calm, as a precaution the sea sick tablets were taken and washed down with the required 3 or 4 pints of lager, once on board. The cabin was, to say the least, small. In fact there was really only standing room for one. The bunk beds were ok and after the lager and the bar were closed, the engines and rocking had the desired effect; we all managed at least 3 hours sleep. Continue reading

Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory

Obviously the best film produced of all time. Gene Wilder plays the character of Willy Wonker with such ease; a True Willy Wonker, not like the modern day incarnation of a trumped up teenager pretending to play the character. The plot of the story; to find a successor is where the new remake falls down. How can anyone believe a plot that is inherently flawed. A film in my opionion that did not need a remake – along the same lines as Chitty Chitty Bang Bag; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. They should have taken heed to this saying – it holds as true today as its always been.

Aprilia, RSV Factory

My dream – come true

This is my Aprilia, and it’s wonderful! Always had Japanese bikes before (Mostly Kawasaki), so thought I would have a change, an Italian beauty. It’s a 1000cc V-Twin and pulls fantastically from extremely low revs, and corners superbly. I can see why it did so well. It can be a bit of a pig around town at low revs, the engine either wants to either GO or STOP and not much imbetween; that is until you get onto the country roads, and then it glides like a dream.

This comes from the Aprilia site that is kind of bias I guess 😉

The impossible? Aprilia has done it! Aprilia has broken through the furthest frontiers of technology and performance to set previously inconceivable standards with this uniquely sensational motorcycle. Surpassing yourself is what the Aprilia racing spirit is all about, and exactly what Aprilia’s top supersports, the RSV 1000, was conceived to do. The RSV 1000’s design is being constantly refined technically and stylistically by ideas from Aprilia’s world championship team and the dedicated racing division. The RSV 1000 is already a dream come true for thousands of passionate riders, a machine with all the smoothness and pulsating power needed to guarantee success on the world’s circuits and roads.