Trip to the Nurburgring…

Some friends and me are thinking of making a trip to the Nurburgring in Germany. We’ve all got Porsches (theirs are Boxters but can’t be picky…). Sounds like a drive of around 650 miles from Devon via the Tunnel. The real issue may be the insurance costs, and the results that could happen if we don’t drive too carefully!

Apparently they close the circuit in rare situations; at a cost of around £1700 per hour. There are several other costs that could be interesting, the recovery vehicle is around €175, presumably just to add injury to your crying whilst you see your prize car being towed away in a state of dis-‘repair’!

For my money the 8 lap (£73.62) ticket sounds just about right. 1.5 days to travel there, 1 days racing followed by 1 days drive home. May be a bit ambitious but would be fun. My son showed some concern after I bought the Gran Turismo game for the Playstation (it has the full Nurburgring circuit – very accuratly portrayed), only to crash the RUF Porsche several times before exiting the starting post… a purchase of the steering wheel addon for the PS things did get make things better, but he still managed to beat me consistently. I think you can see from this link that the reality is pretty good compared to the actual circuit, so I had better keep practicing! I guess the aim is to get the Porsche around looking something like this?

Total costs look to be around £600:
Channel crossing: Varies, but say typically £120
Petrol en-route: Typically 2 x £50 = £100
Petrol there: Say £75
Bed-and-breakfast per person: £20 per night x 2 = £40
Food: 2 x dinner, 2 x lunch, food en-route, beer = £80
Ring tickets: Say 2 x 12-lap tickets = £216
Total = approx £616

Which will probably be the end of that! I know my son is keen to go even if it means a long drive there. In fact his driving in the PS game is so much better than mine, it may be better for him to drive once we get there… anyway one last video the whet the appetites. I guess it’s one of those trips that you have to do; at least once.

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