Free Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2019

Github resource to become a web developer (2019)

So… you want to be a web developer?

Seems to be the job a lot of people want these days – the web developer. But with that role comes a huge learning curve (or stack as they like to call it).

There are many paths to becoming a web developer. This resource outlines sets of charts to help you on that journey. It’s on GitHub, so what’s not to like – quite techy, but that’s what you want right?

The charts show the different paths you can take. Perhaps you like the ‘back-end’ development or would prefer to be a ‘front-end’ developer? What do you need to learn to get that wonderful job? These charts help you decide.

Be warned; there’s a tonne of stuff to learn these days. My advice is to specialise in some of the key areas, or the areas that really make you want to get out of bed. There’s too much out there to learn it all!

Break it down into subjects you want to learn and those that are needed to get that all important job; you know – CSS and pre-processors, Javascript, PHP and top 2 frameworks (React / Angular?), HTML(5), PWA (progressive web apps – all the fashion don’t you know!), Responsive, Frameworks (pick top 2), package managers, Web apps, etc etc. And that’s just the front-end stuff!

Anyway, it’s a short page with just a few charts. Useful though for those of you stupid enough to enter into this world LOL. Mad fools…