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Project In A Box keeps on improving – free Prince2 project management software

Project in a Box - Community Edition

Project In A Box just goes from strength to strength. Now supplied in four versions including the community edition (CE); which is free. This software can be run in a portable mode enabling you to take the project management framework (Prince2) with you wherever you go, this is especially important for consultants who need to take all the project documentation with them.

The Community Edition is used by many training companies as it covers the full Prince2 Framework and comes with the Prince2 templates as standard, which can be customised and tailored for the company. Not only does the community edition cover all the aspects of Prince2 2005 but now comes standard with compliance for 2009 and DSDM Atern the agile method. The CE edition is multi-language and can be customised with your own translation file if required. Once familiar with the Community Edition you can upgrade to the full Personal Edition whilst keeping all your existing settings and templates.

The Personal Edition is a DotNet application utilising the Microsoft Framework which is available on most PC’s. This enables the software to be run from a USB memory stick and completely portable, whilst only having a small disk space and memory overhead. The application is fast as well.

In practice the application runs very well and because of the inbuilt ‘version control’ you can always revert or review privious editions of the Prince2 artifacts throughout the project. Apparently CE is now used by over 50,000 users WorldWide and provided by most of the official Prince2 ATO’s as part of the course materials.

Sometime ago I wrote a tiddlywiki on Prince2. Mostly notes and musings when I was taking the Prince II practitioners exam. Some of you may find it interesting. The thing I really liked was using the tiddlywiki wiki engine which allows you to create a completely self contained wikki that can be edited locally on your PC and then uploaded to the web for others.

Also see my posting on Prince2 (as I am a Prince2 practitioner 🙂 )

Interesting Links for Prince2

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  1. Jonathan,

    Thanks very much for this, your comments are much appreciated. We are currently partnered with around 10% of PRINCE2 trainers (ATOs) and I always like to be accurate about these things (the confusion may have arisen from us saying it is more ATOs than all other software vendors combined, if so then my apologies).

    BTW if you would like to give Personal Edition a try just let me know and we can set that up for you.

    Thanks again


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