Komodo Editor for OpenSource

activestateKomodo IDE 4 is the first unified workspace for end-to-end development of dynamic web applications. A rich feature set for client-side Ajax languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XML, coupled with advanced support for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl, enables developers to quickly and easily create robust web apps.

komodo-editKomodo Edit 4 is a free, multi-language editor that makes it easy to write quality code. Focus on what your code can do; let your editor sweat the details. Background syntax checking and syntax coloring catch errors immediately, while AutoComplete and CallTips guide you as you write. Available on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Download Komodo IDE from here

From the same organisation you can download the brilliant ActivePerl and ActivePython. Also checkout all the code (easily downloaded) that you can learn from here.

via Komodo | ActiveState Community Site.


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