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  • Ditch Your Old E-mail Addresses
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    Back in the 1990s, you were an early adopter. You got yourself an address or a Hotmail address. Or, you were issued an e-mail address when you signed up for your residential internet access, which you handed out to everyone as a badge of honor.

    Times have changed, and that old address is a black hole for spam. You never check it, and you don’t want to. But your stupid ISP, your stubborn family members and high school buddies insist on sending you important things there.

    In other words, you are a slave to an e-mail address that you don’t want or which makes you use an interface that sucks. You can’t give it up because thousands of your close personal friends only know you as or A blind switch to a new e-mail address is out of the question — you probably don’t even know everyone who has the old one, and grandma wouldn’t understand anyway.

  • Google asked productivity blogger Merlin Mann to visit their campus and share some insights into getting things done. His presentation covers several interesting aspects of time management and productivity including renegotiating your commitments, controlling who has access to your limited resources like time and output, and qualifying how your commit yourself to tasks to create a more sane work environment. The video is thirty five minutes and worth the watch for a solid set of productivity principles to help you start this coming week on the right foot.
  • GyroQ™ and MindManager® will help you to
    actively manage
    your interruptions and diversions
    without losing focus.
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