eeePC netbook tips

  • Battery saving tips

    There are a few things you can do to maximise battery life when on the road – and they’re not specific to the eeePC as most can be applied to pretty much any laptop or PDA.

    Hit F2 at startup to enter the BIOS and disable any hardware you don’t use (for example turning off the wired network interface, webcam, modem – anything not needed during that session);
    Turn down screen brightness (Fn F3 keys);
    Minimise the external hardware – USB drives, mice, 3G modems, etc. all draw power from the eeePC battery;
    Turn off WiFi (Fn F2) if not using wireless networks;
    Don’t leave the webcam running longer than necessary;
    Set the screen to turn off after five minutes of inactivity;
    Don’t follow the various guides available on the ‘net to overclock your eeePC if battery life is more critical to you than speed;
    Close the lid or put the machine to sleep during periods of inactivity.

  • eeePC Advanced mode Desktop

    Elmo has a very useful note over at th eeeUser Forum. How to get advanced mode. It boils down to this :- (reproduced here but alway check the eeeForum )

    1. Go to console (CNTL-ALT-T).
    2. Type:
    3. sudo bash
    4. apt-get update
    5. apt-get install ksmserver
    6. apt-get install kicker
    7. Reboot (should go to Easy Mode)
    8. Go to Settings → Personalization
    9. Select “Full Desktop Mode” under Login Mode
    10. Reboot.

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