html / css tableless templates for free from Mollio

Mollio is a simple set of html/css templates. These templates use pure css for layout and design and cover a wide range of layouts ranging from a simple one column layout to multiple columns with sidebars.

Each template has a sample page so you can see exactly what the finished result looks like. If your into CSS for layout and want to move away from tables for your design this is definitely a good place to start. Looking at the code it’s very clean with seperate style sheets for print and viewing, they also take into account all the little nuances with IE6, etc.

All the sample layouts can be downloaded as one zip file: currrently running at version 1.1. The templates are released under three different licences: Creative Commons, GPL and CPL which means you can choose the license that suits your needs. These templates are from the author of their main opensource package; FarCry (FarCry CMS is an open source solution and has no associated license fees).

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