skiing holiday 2005 – obergurgl

Skiing 2005 was to Obergurgl. What a wonderful place to go skiing, and we had perfect conditions. The motly crew on view (dangling from a chair lift) is Richard, myself, Len and Simon (one of the snowboarders – well you’ve got to humour them…).

We all had a great time on and off piste. Obergurgl is a great resort; easy to get to (Exeter to resort in around 3 hours), great scenery on the flight in, and an easy coach trip from the airport to the resort. The ski runs are mostly quiet (even at the weekends) and there’s great fun off-piste through the trees. Boarders love it, especially as it gets tonnes of snow.

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  1. L.O.L Nice crew dad. Loving it, looks nice and cold, what happens if someone falls from the chair?

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