Bubbl.us – free brainstorming online

Bubbl.us - free brainstorming online Bubbl.us is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online. Why use bubbl.us? Because you can: * Create colorful mind maps online * Share and work with friends * Embed your mind map in your blog or website * Email and print your mind map * Save… Continue reading Bubbl.us – free brainstorming online

MindMeister – a brilliant free online mindmapping application

I've just started using MindMeister; a free online mindmapping solution. Mindmeister lets you create up to 6 mindmaps absolutely free. You can share the mindmaps or keep them totally private. You can share any of the maps by making them either 'public' (everyone can see them) or you can 'invite' people to collaborate with you… Continue reading MindMeister – a brilliant free online mindmapping application

Mindmapping with the Database linker add-on

Mindmapping with the database linker add-on Installing the database linker The Mindmanager database linker addon can bedownloaded and installed. The database linker allows you to Connect to a Microsoft SQL Server Database and show a dataset from the database in a map. Once downloaded and installed you will notice an addition to the tabbed area… Continue reading Mindmapping with the Database linker add-on