More semantic web – twitterberry, post using a mobile phone

CodeProject: Explorer's Guide to the Semantic Web The word semantic implies meaning or, as WordNet defines it, “of or relating to the study of meaning and changes of meaning”. For the Semantic Web, semantic indicates that the meaning of data on the Web can be discovered—not just by people, but also by computers. In contrast,… Continue reading More semantic web – twitterberry, post using a mobile phone

semantic web – brilliant simile applications opensource

How Semantic Web Works How Semantic Web Works - The World Wide Web is an interesting paradox -- it's made with computers but for people. The sites you visit every day use natural language, images and page layout to present information in a way that's easy for you to understand. Even though they are central… Continue reading semantic web – brilliant simile applications opensource

Telnic – .tel domains become Web3.0 aware

Telnic | the home of .tel Convert .tel domain pages directly into Outlook contact information! Join a global online directory that provides you instant worldwide exposure... Integrate all your means of communication in a single place under your control... Update and manage your contact information and keywords in real time... Increase your search engine visibility… Continue reading Telnic – .tel domains become Web3.0 aware