15 Web Services we rely on everyday

15 Web Services We Rely On Every Day 15 Web Services We Rely On Every Day - an interesting article blog about 15 key web services used everyday.  The list includes: Zendesk, GetSatisfaction, SendGrid, MailChimp (my favourite mail manager for newsletters, etc.), Apigee, String, ExpressionEngine, Chartbeat, Mint, PivotalTracker, SalesForce, RightSignature, GotoMeeting, Xero, DropBox, Office Glico.… Continue reading 15 Web Services we rely on everyday

Ajax tutorials and links

Articles Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications, by Jesse James Garrett. The original article which coined the term. Why Ajax Matters Now by Jesse James Garrett. Ajax gives software a fresh look Blurring the line between desktop and Web applications. Weighing the Alternatives How Ajax stacks up against competing RIA approaches. JavaScript refactoring for… Continue reading Ajax tutorials and links

AJAX: Usable Interactivity with Remote Scripting

AJAX: Usable Interactivity with Remote Scripting By Cameron Adams July 13th 2005 If your bookmarks contain even one Web development blog, you'll undoubtedly know that remote scripting is being touted as the new 'future of the Web'. Although I get the feeling that a few people are perhaps a little over-excited about it, the recent… Continue reading AJAX: Usable Interactivity with Remote Scripting

Extreme Programming

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Extreme Programming rom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Extreme Programming (XP) is a method or approach to software engineering and the most popular of several agile software development methodologies. It was formulated by Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham, and Ron Jeffries. Kent Beck wrote the first book on the topic, Extreme programming explained:… Continue reading Extreme Programming

Visual Basic Vs. VB.Net

The big programming debate rages on (if only in my mind). On the one hand you have the might of Microsoft, with it's army of programmers and industry backing - but some would argue lack of practical day to day programming requirements. They are offering two contenders; Visual Basic and Vb.Net. The dot net stuff… Continue reading Visual Basic Vs. VB.Net