Microsoft Access – Upgrading to 2003

The Office Update page of the Microsoft Web site offers a useful toolkit for analyzing databases prior to converting them to Access 2003 format. It is called the Access 2003 Conversion Toolkit, listed under the Add-ins link under the Access 2003 heading on the page. Donn Edwards offers a utility called AccessOpener, which avoids those … Continue reading Microsoft Access – Upgrading to 2003

Web Services, SOAP, MSXML and Microsoft Access

Thinking about integrating Web Services? The PerfectXML website has some great articles about SOAP and MSXML and other technologies that will allow you to do this. I'm fairly new to the world of web services and not yet a proficient .net programmer (VB migration on the way...), but seems to me that Web Services are … Continue reading Web Services, SOAP, MSXML and Microsoft Access