What is the Semantic Web (Web 3.0)

What is the semantic web or Web 3.0?

This video shows Tim Berners Lee talking about the semantic web or Web 3.0. How do we mash different formats of data together into a complete mash of data that understands HOW to talk to each other? Web 3.0? Is it about changing business layers and database layers to be able to communicate more effectively?

Web 3.0 looks into ‘data re-use‘. Using various techniques the web will be able to re-use data that’s already been created and mash it together with other data in common formats to provide new sets of data – or different ways of looking at the data. We are looking at a sea change; data manipulation that filters data and joins data into a super warehouse. Changing data in a meaningful way – perhaps cure todays illnesses or improve peoples lives.


Click here for a full size mindmap with more information


  1. Hi,
    I’m reading this content 9 years later, but it’s still interesting, not only retrospectively…
    Quick question, what software was used for the mindmap? It’s neat

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