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Joomla Template Builder

joomla-template-builder The Joomla! Template Builder is a free-to-use set of tools designed to enhance creativity, giving you precision control of the look and feel of your template by simply selecting your options and choosing your colors. The Joomla! Template Builder generates the configuration and all the necessary CSS, and images for you based on your selection. The template builder itself is free to use with Joomlashack’s “myTemplate” ($39). The JTB is a web developers tool and is recommended for use in Mozilla Firefox. The generated template is fully XHTML/CSS valid and compatible with all browsers.

Knol: a unit of knowledge

knolA knol is an authoritative article about a specific topic.

On-demand Help desk

zendeskHave it your way – Zendesk adapts to your business. Customize business rules, SLAs, reports and look and feel to fit your needs.True email integration – You can submit, update, qualify, assign and share your tickets via email. No compromises. And it’s all in the box.Self-serving community – Keep everybody up-to-date and encourage your customers to participate in the conversation with forums.
Integrate and extend – A plethora of no-nonsense API options, incl. REST, RSS, Ajax/Javascript widgets and email.

Do it yourself – Sign up and get going in a matter of minutes. No IT department required.

Daily Mugshot

daily-mug-shotThe Daily Mug shot began when I came across a dude who took a picture of himself every day and turned it into a video. He had taken pictures of himself every day for years, and the video was amazing. I thought: I want to do that too! Then I began thinking about what sort of system would make the entire process as easy as possible, and furthermore, what would be the most fun and easy way to show these videos to friends on the net.
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