Going Green

Interesting article about ‘Green Living‘ from the guys at CouponChief.com

According to the United Nations, a whirlwind of issues, many of which are likely caused by man, threaten to harm our precious Earth in irreversible ways. From greenhouse gas emissions to air pollution, deforestation, and issues with water and waste, the human impact on our planet has become real. And if we don’t change, we face both unintended and potentially permanent consequences.

The article also includes 41 Inexpensive Ways to Go Green – some great tips on being ‘Green’.

GreenMotor.co.uk – green car and electric vehicle blog – formerly Auto-IT.co.uk

Global problems require global solutions – so said Carlos Tavares, the 50-year-old, French-educated Portuguese gentleman in charge of product strategy at Japanese motor firm Nissan, during a speech made in the US last week. You can see where he gets his perspective.“Looking upon planet Earth, you see its characteristic colour is in fact blue,” he said, helping to explain the otherwise puzzling existence of environmental automotive brands like VW’s BlueMotion, Hyundai’s i-Blue, Mercedes’ Blue Hybrid, and Peugout’s Blue Lion. “‘Blue citizenship’ is Nissan’s commitment to the planet,” added Tavares. “Blue citizenship should be our goal rather than green cars.”

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