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  • joomla As a developer you are tasked with altering or extending the functionality of Joomla! or one of its extensions. You will be proficient in a range of programming languages, including PHP, but may be less familiar with such things as JavaScript or CSS. If you are new to Joomla! you will need information about the Joomla! Framework API and how to use it and will probably make extensive use of best practice example code.
  • Joomla! Developer SiteDevelopment Working GroupWelcome to the Joomla! Developer Web site. There is always a great deal of activity underway and communicating with other developers in the community is a high priority. This site is a great source for learning about the activities of the Joomla! Development Working Group, which includes both the Joomla! Development Team and the Joomla! Bug Squad. In addition, you can learn about the Google Summer of Code projects. You are encouraged to share your perspectives with the teams by commenting on the blogs.

    Development Working Group

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  1. I like the whole concept of this article. You placed all the necessary ideas good for web developers like me. I used Joomla for years now and I am sure that your knowledge on Joomla will help me a lot.

  2. Do you mean photo galleries that work within Joomla? Or do you mean galleries of joomla templates (e.g. web templates). If the latter, I’ve used RocketTheme templates ( and they are brilliant – the support is equally as good as the templates.

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