ecademy networking site

Just signed up with the networking site ecademy. Seems pretty good. As soon as you sign up you get noticed, with some good contacts. I put in my profile and within a few days I have some emails from people wanting to be associated with my business. They were also refreshingly similar in interests.

One area I’m interested in is networking events where I can meet other like minded business people where I can hand out my business card and get good contacts. To my surprise I found there are at least 3 south west (Devon based) regular networking events in my area (Exeter). These are ideal events to ‘meet and greet’ people and generally network.

The site allows anyone to signup for free. If you want to become a ‘power user’ (known as a blackstar member) you need to subscribe, although if you add 10 contacts to the site you can get a month subscription. I found the contacts who emailed and contacted me to be very friendly and extremely helpful, especially in using the site and general “how to’s”.

There are tutorial videos explaining how to use the site which are actually quite useful. All in all the site is very useful, covers good contacts in your area and has some really good links to meetings and events that again are local to your area.