The w.bloggar / LiveWriter offline blogging tool and WordPress

I have recently started using w.bloggar to post entries onto WordPress. At first I could not get it working, but after digging around I found the key parameter for path as shown below. Magically when you put this in correctly it seems to work. It is different to posting from within Worpress but does allow you to create blog entries offline and perhaps a bit quicker as you’re not using the web interface.

Parameters needed for w.bloggar to work with WordPress


Username and password as per your account with WordPress
path must be set to: /xmlrpc.php (That’s the key bit)

If your serious about using an offline tool Microsoft do a good piece of software called “Live Writer“. Live Writer allows you to do what w.bloggar does but with some more bells and whistles. It automatically senses the type of service your connecting to (e.g. blogger, wordpress, etc.) and sets up the configuration for you. The WYSIWYG environment is more ‘windows’ as well; but fundamentally does the same job.

I installed both and will see what is the easiest to use on a day to day basis. The Microsoft installation is quite long winded as the installer is just a small installation that drags the rest of the installation off the web, whilst tempting you with other toys and toolbars – so be warned.

The Microsoft Live Writer also allows you to add plugins and links to the site automatically so that you can download them. The Polaroid plugin is interesting as it allows you to add images that look like polaroids.

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