Video – what is Web2.0

For those of you that do not know what Web2.0 is all about Andi Gutmans has created a brief overview of the web2.0 technology space.

Key words for web2.0 cover: Blogging, mashups, ajax, flickr, youtube, etc. These are all technologies and services that use web2.0 techniques to allow social interaction with people. The sites and services aim to provide services so that the end user can not only contribute to the content but actually drive the content. Sites such as Digg and MySpace take this to the next level by increasing the interactive experince so that the site almost become completely driven by the consumer and not the provider. This is key.

Areas covered (very briefly) in this video are:

  • RIA Rich internet applications – flash and ajax – bringing the desktop experience into the browser space
  • SOA service orientated architechtures – feeds, rss, web services and mashups – expose services to other services
  • Social Web – interact with the end user – participant, tagging, wiki’s, podcasts and blogging. The end user is integral