Rory bike trials competition in dartmoor

Rory had a trials bike competition in Dartmoor this weekend with his friend Ryan. The competition was held near Hound Torre right in the depths of the national park.

There were 10 stages to complete and they had to do each stage twice. It was a long day for the lads; luckily the weather wasn’t too hot. The new uniform provided by Fairlight Cycles (where they both work on Saturdays) looked spectacular.

The competition started around 12.30 and didn’t end until 6.30pm, so they were both knackered! Both lads did really well considering this was not their native trials (they both prefer ‘street trials’ rather than ‘natural trials’). There were a few spills and tumbles by everyone, but luckily the only incident was me slipping off a rock trying to walk the course!

I’m sure they both gained from the experience. Here’s looking forward to their next competition. Posted by Picasa