My top favourite free security tools

AVG Safe Search
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Top Security Free Tools

My top security tools and download links. These tools should keep you PC nice and secure; run regularly for a trouble / virus free PC!

AVG Internet Security
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AVG (fee anti-virus software that works with all platforms)

spybot search and destroy (IMHO the best anti-spyware)

Spyware terminator (including realtime detection)

Comodo Group
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Comodo Personal Firewall

ccleaner – disk space tool cleanup

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Defraggler (defrag tool)

Restore deleted files

Complete file eraser program

Index.Dat erasers (Permanent deletion of all history)

MRU Blaster (delete most recent file list…)

FileChecker (tells you what files have been modified)

DOC scrubber (delete all embarrasing stuff from word doc files)

Disposable email account

File dump area for uploading for 30 days

Encrypt Files (TrueCrypt is the best around) or

Lock your PC (better than ctrl-alt-del)

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Free analytics tools review

Website Analytics & Traffic Measurement Tools: SEO

Free Analytics Tools 

These tend to be limited in feature set and give themselves sitewide links on your site, or require you to trust giving a major search engine like Google virtually all your marketing data.

* Google Analytics – powerful full featured analytics tool. Even allows you to track your ROI by keyword for each AdWords ad position. Google AdWords also has internal split testing and conversion tracking software.
* Google Website Optimizer – allows you to A/B split test landing pages and track how well Google AdWords traffic converts.
* Microsoft adCenter Analytics – not publicly launched yet, but accepting invite requests.
* Piwik – open source web analytics program
* Site Meter – starts off as free, but charges for advanced features
* Stat Counter – starts off as free, but charges for advanced features and bandwith usage.
* Webalizer – default log analyzer on many servers.
* Analog – default log analyzer on many servers.
* Awstats – another popular default log analyzer on many servers.